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frequently asked questions


 This email is reserved for Achieving Credit Excellence CUSTOMERS ONLY regarding their purchases.

Do you accept clients?

No, we do NOT accept clients. We are a DIY credit repair company. We provide the tools needed for you to repair your credit yourself. 


I purchased the dispute letters and no longer have access. Do I need to purchase again?

.YES, the link is valid for 30 days. Please save the file within those 30 days or you will lose access and be subject to repurchasing our dispute letters per the bylaws. 

I purchased the dispute letters and have questions. How can I receive help?

 Join our community platform here:

How long does it take to see improvement?

This varies customer to customer as each situaiton is different. On average most people repairing their credit are happy with results within 3-6 months but there are no guarantees. Long lasting credit repair is a journey.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the immediate availability of our digital products, we are unable to offer a refund. 

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